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The top Scuba Diving Spots in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Updated: Jun 8

Where is the Best Scuba Diving in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria: Top Dive Spots and Boat Dives right here in Gran Canaria


Where is Maspalomas?

Map of scuba diving sites in maspalomas
Scuba diving sites in Maspalomas

Maspalomas is in the south of Gran Canaria, about one hour from the capital city of Las Palmas in the north. It’s famed for its perfect sunny weather, sandy beaches, and blue sea, making it the perfect holiday destination for millions of tourists every year. It has some of the island's best hotels and is full of tourist activities to keep visitors busy all holiday long. 

But can you dive here?

Yes, You Can Scuba Dive in Maspalomas!

And the good news is, the dives here are some of the best the island has to offer. We even have our favorite dive site on the whole island! Keep reading to find out more.




Why We Recommend Scuba Diving in Maspalomas


The weather here is the most reliable on the island, meaning fewer “weather days” or canceled dives. On average, we only cancel a few scuba dives in Maspalomas a year.


The water is calmer and clearer in Maspalomas, meaning you see more on your scuba dives here. The north of the island has more wind and swell in the ocean, leading to more canceled dives and worse dive conditions, especially for new divers or those worried about challenging dives and mobility.


If you are staying in the south, like Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, San Agustín, Puerto Rico, etc., then the dives are right on your doorstep. No long journeys or boring drives of 1.5 hours to the north in a crowded van with people that pee in their wetsuits!


Our dives in Maspalomas are mainly from a dive boat, and our dive boat Atlantis in Pasito Blanco marina is an amazing experience for any diver. It's the most comfortable on the island.


Did we really just say that out loud? Yes, we did! We truly believe that on a good day, our local dive sites are the best. Come and check them out.

  • TURTLES!!!

Here in Maspalomas you can see sea turtles while you dive, the water is that little bit warmer and calmer in the south and the turtles have the sea grass beds they love, we know the best spots to see them so give us a call if you want to see turtles.


Where Are the Best Dive Sites in Maspalomas?

The best dive sites in the area can be found in detail on our website, but here is a just a short list of top dive sites:

  • Pasito Blanco

  • Meteor Shipwreck

  • Artificial Reefs 1 2 and 3

  • Helena

  • Popcorn Reef

  • El Pajar Reef

  • Arguineguín

  • Champinon

  • The Sail Boat

And lots more options nearby!


What Are Our Favorites?

Well, it's hard to choose, but if you can keep a secret, we do have a couple of favourites…

Pasito Blanco Reef

It’s our house reef, and we can make two dives here or mix it with another dive site on the same 2-dive day. Why do we love Pasito Blanco Reef as Maspalomas's best scuba diving site? Well, that's easy—it just has so much life! We dive here all year round; visibility is often 30m in the summer. The marine life that visits here can be amazing. Some days we see sharks, rays, huge shoals of fish, sardines, butterfly rays, tuna, and even turtles! And all on the same day around this little egg-shaped island of life at 18m. Because it’s a relatively shallow dive without any technical challenges, it makes it really enjoyable for all dive levels, including open water divers without

Pasito Blanco Reef Fish Maspalomas
So many fish and so much life on Pasito Blanco Maspalomas reef

lots of experience. The reef itself has some amazing stone overhangs and lava rocks to see, often full of moray eels, crabs, and shrimps. It changes throughout the year. In the summer, it's home to rays and shoals of grunts, sardines, and baitfish, along with other reef regulars like parrotfish, red-eye cavefish, damselfish, triggerfish, and wrasse. But in the winter, the cast of characters changes, and we get huge schools of tuna and wahoo, along with sharks and even whales on the surface. We really do feel that on a good day, this site is the best on the island, and it’s our home reef!

Meteor Shipwreck

Meteor shipwreck Gran Canaria
The Meteor Shipwreck can be a spooky vision

The shipwreck of Maspalomas lies at 16m just off the coast in calm and clear water, making it a great option for anyone who wants to make their first shipwreck scuba dive or even for training and courses. The wreck is broken open but has all the adventurous parts out for everyone to see, with engines, hull, toilets, and even the seats sticking up out of the sand, which makes for a very spooky selfie. We see rays of all kinds here passing by the wreck and below the large schools of fish, with huge shoals of large and hungry barracuda being a normal sight—sometimes as many as 100 of them. This is such a relaxed and easy-going dive where you can just explore with your buddy in all the little corners of the wreck while the instructor watches you from a safe spot. Don’t forget to bring your dive light and really explore every corner of this Maspalomas shipwreck scuba diving spot.

Artificial Reefs

These dives on the scientific reef, made to encourage life and fish stocks in the south of Gran Canaria, offer an amazing opportunity to witness sea turtles here in Maspalomas. Yes, that’s rightwe know the best place to see turtles in Gran Canaria. If you don’t dive in Maspalomas, you won’t get the chance to see these amazing animals in their natural environment. These reefs just off the coast of our marina at Pasito Blanco are home to amazing life like hammerhead sharks and sea turtles, along with rays and all manner of fish and pelagic hunters like big tuna and even marlin in the winter. The reefs are a little deeper at 22m and can be challenging for newer divers but offer real rewards to anyone with the experience to get to the sandy bottom where they can scuba dive with sea turtles in Gran Canaria.


How Do We Get to These Amazing Scuba Diving Sites in Maspalomas?

That’s also easy! Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, San Agustín, and the surrounding areas are all within a few minutes' drive of these amazing scuba diving sites in Gran Canaria. GO DIVING Center is based in Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés, and with our FREE hotel collection service direct to our dive boat, it’s never been easier to reach these dive sites. Our dive boat in Pasito Blanco marina is ready and waiting for you and boasts the largest dive space, sun deck, lounge, toilet, and fridge of cold drinks ready for your Maspalomas scuba diving adventure.

Dive boat gran canaria
Our dive boat will get you to the best scuba diving locations

Boat Diving in Maspalomas

Other dive centers on Gran Canaria don’t have dive boats and can’t reach these amazing sites, and they like to keep people diving in the one or two dive spots they can reach in the north or east of the island. It’s unfortunate that divers diving with these dive centers will often never get to experience the best the island has to offer and will only make repeat dives on one or two dive sites. Boat diving in Gran

Canaria with us at GO DIVING is the best way to see the amazing scuba diving sites the island can offer. Boat dives are safe, comfortable, and convenient, with our full facilities onboard. You will never want to go back to shore dives again.

So there you go—Gran Canaria actually has amazing scuba dives in Maspalomas! No need to drive hours and see the same shore dives; you can see the best dives right here!

I hope your found this article usful for planning your diving in Maspalomas Gran Canaria, if you are looking to dive these amazing spots then then please get in touch with us and head to our website for more information


Scott Finch

Co Owner and instructor GO DIVING Center Gran Canaria

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