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Balito Reef sun
Octopus on Balito reef


  • Max depth: 18 meters

  • Experience level: All Levels

  • Sightings: Shoals of small fish, Stingrays, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Schooling Fish.

  • Boat dive


Boulders and Reef Dive


This dive site contains big boulders in between a sandy area that is surrounded by a big reef. These boulders can be as big as 5 meters high and it’s impressive to see them next to each other and swim between them.


The reef starts at 3 meters and slopes down to 18 meters. This is why this place is a nice area to either snorkel, or an easy fun dive. The reef has a lot of overhangs where we can swim under. The reef itself has a lot of cracks that house octopus and anemones. On the reef, we can find cuttlefish, nudibranch, and a big variety of smaller fishes.


When we swim between the boulders, we can find rays and sometimes even angel sharks. Make sure to look up for some bigger fishes like barracudas and even tunas. Therefore, everybody enjoys this area! The area is close to the town of Puerto Rico. We often come to this area when we want to lay easy and protected with the boat.

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