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Risco Verde dive map Go Diving
Shoal of fish at Risco Verde Go Diving


  • Max depth: 14 meters

  • Experience leve: All Levels

  • Sightings: Different kind of rays, A large variety of small fishes, cuttlefish, Octopus

  • Shore dive


Risco Verde: The Underwater Aquarium of Arinaga, Gran Canaria


Nestled in the town of Arinaga in Gran Canaria, Risco Verde is a dive site that will leave you breathless. Located close to the marine park of El Cabron, Risco Verde is an easy dive site that is ideal for beginners or for a fun dive with friends and family.


You can split the dive site up into two different dives. The first dive is a wall dive, and as you descend, you'll be greeted by a vast array of marine life, including shoals of colorful fish, moray eels, and barracuda. The wall continues endlessly, and you'll even come across a part of a wreck, adding to the overall excitement of the dive. The highlight of this dive is encountering a huge ray, which will leave you in awe.


The second dive is more relaxing, based on a sandy bottom with rocks, where you can find smaller creatures like octopus and cuttlefish. During the season of the angel sharks, they often frequent this area, adding to the excitement of the dive.


Risco Verde is like an aquarium with its varied topography and diverse marine life. On a clear day, the visibility is unparalleled, and you'll feel like you're diving in a massive fish tank. It's no wonder why Risco Verde is a must-visit dive site, attracting divers from all over the world.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, Risco Verde is an ideal dive site that will cater to all levels of diving. So, if you're looking for an underwater adventure that will leave you in awe, book a dive trip to Risco Verde today!

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