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El Cabron Gran Canaria map
Cutle Fish El Cabron beach


  • Max depth: 18 meters

  • Experience level: Open water diver 

  • Sightings: Barracudas, Angelshark, Different kind of rays, variety of small fishes, octopus, seahorse, cuttlefish, Tuna, Sea Grass

  • Beach dive


Exploring the Diverse Marine Life at El Cabron Beach, Gran Canaria


One of only three marine reserves in the Canary Islands, El Cabron Beach boasts an impressive variety and abundance of sea life. Classed as a site of special scientific interest by the European Union on December 28th, 2001, this beach is the entrance to the larger dive site of El Cabron. With its easy sandy entrance, the beach offers a relaxed atmosphere and is protected from the worst of the swell and wind, making it ideal for new divers and those who want to leave their family on the beach relaxing.


Off the shore lies a field of sea grass, which attracts marine life like sea horses and rays, along with cuttlefish and more. Beyond the sea grass and on the shelf walls are marine plants and even caves that make great hiding spots for many species.


With various dive spots to choose from, El Cabron offers something for everyone. If you've dived here before, the diving center can find new locations for you to explore. Contact them to know more.

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