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Exploring the Stunning Pasito Blanco Reef Gran Canaria: A Diver's Paradise

The Underwater Wonder of Pasito Blanco Reef Gran Canaria

Just a short 15-minute sail from our harbor lies Pasito Blanco Reef, our home reef, inviting divers of all levels to uncover its underwater treasures. With a maximum depth of 18 meters and accessible to open water divers, this oval-shaped reef is a haven for those eager to explore Gran Canaria’s marine ecosystem. Pasito Blanco Reef Maspalomas is a natural reef, sitting at 18m on a sandy bottom just 1km offshore from Pasito Blanco marina.

A shoal of fish seen swimming on Pasito Blanco Reef
Fish shoal on Pasito Blanco reef

Hi everyone I am Scott from GO DIVING and here we are with another article for you all, and today we are going to discuss this amazing dive spot as we start a series where we chat about the best and less-known dive spots on the island.

Everyone knows about sites like Tufia and El Cabron, but have you ever dived Pasito Blanco Reef Gran Canaria? Maybe not. When I first started diving the island’s dive spots, I had never even heard of the site, and it took me years before I finally got to dive it, most dive centers don't have dive boat on this island you see. And still, to this day, Pasito Blanco is right up there as one of my favourites on Gran Canaria… maybe even number one if I had to choose.

A map of Pasito Blanco dive site Maspalomas Gran Canaria
Pasito Blanco dive site map

Ok so why Pasito Blanco reef Maspalomas then?

Well, as you descend onto the reef, you’re welcomed by a mesmerising display of marine life. The regular large shoal of Roncadores, shimmering in the sunlight, may initially obscure your view, but as you swim through, a world of wonder unfolds. Sleek Barracudas, and in the autumn, Tunas, and Bonitos dart amongst the sardines seeking refuge amidst the shoal. Look down to the sandy bottom and witness the graceful dance of Stingrays or even catch a glimpse of electric rays, Butterfly rays, Angel sharks, and turtles gracing the reef. And in the summer while on your safety stop you may see Wahoo and Dolphins playing.

Pasito Blanco Reef offers an ideal setting for both novice and experienced divers to explore the rich biodiversity that thrives in Gran Canaria’s waters. Dive Gran Canaria enthusiasts will find Pasito Blanco Reef an unforgettable experience, leaving divers in awe of the abundant marine life calling this reef home. Join us in this article as we dive into the depths of Pasito Blanco Reef and discover the beauty that lies beneath the waves in Maspalomas. From shoals of Roncadores to elegant Stingrays and elusive Angel sharks, every dive promises an exhilarating encounter with the underwater world.

We know that after reading the article you will want to join us on Pasito Blanco reef Maspalomas!.

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Pasito Blanco Reef Gran Canaria

Off the coast of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, lies a hidden gem awaiting exploration beneath the waves – Pasito Blanco Reef. Renowned among diving enthusiasts for its beauty and diverse marine life, this site was once somewhat of a well-kept secret among locals and savvy dive expedition tourists. But now, we’re spreading the word and inviting divers to experience the beauty of Pasito Blanco firsthand. Its not uncommon for a well-traveled experienced diver to tell us after a dive on Pasito, “I didn’t know Gran Canaria had that many fish and rays! Can we come back tomorrow?” If you are lucky enough to dive on a flat day, with clear visibility, and have the dolphins join you on your safety stop, this is world class diving paradise!, add to that Gran Canarias famous weather and you cant go wrong.


• Max depth: 19 meters

• Experience level: Open water diver

• Sightings: Shoals of Roncadores, Barracuda, Stingrays, Trumpetfish, Morays, Eagle Rays, Bream, Angel Shark, Turtles, Tuna in the winter, Dolphins, and whales in the summer.

• Boat dive from Pasito Blanco marina

As one of the few lucky dive centers offering boat dives in Gran Canaria, we have near exclusive access to Pasito Blanco Reef. Our dive boat, the “Atlantis,” whose home marina is the beautiful private marina of Pasito Blanco itself, serves as your gateway to this underwater paradise, offering comfort and convenience as divers embark on a day of exploration. With amenities like a sun deck, dive deck, lounge, and refreshments, our boat ensures a comfortable journey to and from the reef, which is only the shortest trip from the marina making GO DIVING a great choice for a Pasito Blanco reef expedition.

What sets Pasito Blanco Reef Gran Canaria apart is its remarkable biodiversity and pristine underwater landscapes. Pasito Blanco reef Maspalomas is a natural reef, sitting at 18m on a sandy bottom just 1 km offshore from Pasito Blanco marina. Every dive unveils a new facet of this captivating ecosystem, and gives enough options to explore for multiple dives. Unlike more popular dive sites, Pasito Blanco retains an air of exclusivity and serenity, allowing divers to immerse themselves fully in the wonders of the underwater world without distractions.

With its often crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, Pasito Blanco Reef promises an unforgettable diving experience year-round. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or new to the sport, our small group sizes and expert guides ensure a personalized and safe diving experience. Plus, with south Gran Canaria’s favorable weather conditions, cancellations are rare, making Pasito Blanco Reef an adventure for all seasons.

As responsible wardens of the ocean, we are committed to preserving the integrity of Pasito Blanco Reef and its surrounding marine environment. Through responsible diving practices and environmental conservation efforts, we strive to ensure that this extraordinary dive site remains a sanctuary for generations to come, and by diving with us you are helping us maintain this site.

If we have peaked your interest in this site why not make your trip to Pasito Blanco reef now. Join us and delve into the depths of this amazing dive spot and discover the magic that lies beneath the surface? Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or simply a connection with nature, Pasito Blanco Reef promises an unforgettable diving experience like no other.

I hope you have enjoyed discovering a little more about the dive sites of Gran Canaria and hope to see you in the water at Pasito Blanco soon. I have been Scott at GO DIVING Center Gran Canaria.

Scott Finch

Co Owner and instructor at GO DIVING Center Gran Canaria

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