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WHY DIVE GRAN CANARIA SPAIN? Gran Canaria is one of the largest and most developed of the Canary Islands chain. A group of Spanish islands lying off the coast of North Africa, in the Atlantic. It serves as a rest stop for a variety of large migratory species and boasts a diverse range of exciting native species all year round, including bright schooling fish, sharks, seahorses,turtles, rays and even whales. In addition to the regular octopus, angel sharks, and other favorites. The island is volcanic and has rugged cliffs and entries so many of Gran Canaria's popular dive sites are shore dives and relatively shallow. Unlike us here at GO DIVING, most diving centers do not have access to a diving boat, which unfortunately means they cant always access the islands great wrecks and reefs just waiting to be explored, like the “ARONA.” The climate is very stable, the water clear and never really cooler than 19°C, with the sun almost always shining. Additionally, we benefit from very easy sea conditions and very little "exciting weather" that shows up and cancels dives. "I think the most important thing about Gran Canaria as a diving location may not be its species or volcanic geography but what it offers diving enthusiasts. Maybe you're used to diving in the Caribbean or are planning a trip to Florida or even Egypt and are hard to impress, but the one way the island leaves other places standing is simple. Gran Canaria is a modern, safe European nation that's always sunny and wetsuit-friendly, even in the middle of the northern European winter. Here, you can dive, train, and learn new skills without it being a risky, distant or "once in a lifetime trip" that costs the earth. Often, you will be the only person diving that spot that day or even week, and maybe you'll jump off the deck of our dive boat ATLANTIS and a turtle will swim by or a school of hammerheads will appear from the blue on your safety stop. You never know what you could see here out in the Atlantic on the edge of Africa." Scott GO DIVING For good reviews of the island and some of its best diving spots, check out this link:


WHY COME TO GRAN CANARIA SPAIN? Gran Canaria receives 360 days of sunshine per year and maintains an average temperature of 20°C year-round. Its diverse landscape is why it's nicknamed "the little continent," and it is an ideal location for exploration, whether you choose to dive or not. "IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY SOMEWHERE ON GRAN CANARIA" The island offers a wide range of options, from beaches to mountains, sand dunes to pine forests, picturesque villages to a large capital city, and even serves as a filming location for Hollywood movies, ranging from the Wild West to Cuba to Morocco. The island was inhabited by early peoples prior to the Romans and later Spanish's discovery of the islands. The artifacts and history they left behind are still visible if you know where to look. Today, Gran Canaria has a split personality between the north and south. Las Palmas is a trendy, modern city with an old soul that boasts Christopher Columbus's rest stop on the way to the "new world" as well as restaurants, bars, shops, museums, and a vast beach with surfing and snorkeling. The south has tourist centers such as Maspalomas (where we are located), which features a mix of classic tourist beaches, bars, and attractions, as well as stunning desert landscapes and epic mountains that stand watch not far behind. The center of the island peaks at 2,000m and is filled with unexpected forests, camping grounds, and even snow! In the mountains and small villages, you're never far from a view of the ocean, and you may find yourself with snow underfoot while looking at the 20°C sunshine in January. Food and drink on the island combine Spanish tradition with a hint of African flair and local produce such as fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, local wines and beers, and, of course, the famous Jamón. We even produce some of the world's best Rum right here in Gran Canaria. From dense subtropical forests with waterfall valleys to sandy beaches to dry deserts, the island is full of surprises. "The great thing about Gran Canaria as a diving destination isn't the warm water year-round, European standards of safety, or the fact that it's only a few hours from central Europe. It's the fact that there is so much to do here, and you can come for a dive holiday or simply for a vacation and dive. Bring the family and relax." Gianni Go DIVING Gran Canaria.

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