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  • Max depth: 33 meters

  • Experience level: Confident Open water diver - Advanced. 

  • Sightings: Barracudas, Angelshark, Different kind of rays, variety of small fishes, octopus, seahorse, cuttlefish, Tuna, Grouper. 

  • Shore dive from rocks


El Cabron Dive Site: A Marine Reserve and Diving Paradise in Gran Canaria


Dive into the Depths of El Cabron, the island's most famous dive site!


El Cabron, situated in the eastern part of Gran Canaria, beckons adventurers to explore its underwater wonders. This marine reserve is a testament to the island's volcanic history. The journey to this dive site is an adventure in itself, requiring an off-road ride to access its remote locations.


El Cabron Dive Site isn't a single spot like "Tufia"; it's a collection of five or more dive sites, with notable favorites like the "Bath Tub" and the arches. Its unparalleled beauty and ecological significance have earned it the prestigious title of "Site of Special Scientific Interest," granted by the European Union on December 28, 2001. Even today, it remains the most famous dive site on the island, often offering solitude for those who can interpret local weather patterns. However, the conditions here are not for the faint-hearted, and local knowledge is crucial in selecting the dive spot at El Cabron for the day or time of the year. The summer winds can present challenges with significant swells and powerful surface conditions at spots like the "Bath Tub" or "Punta de la Sal."


El Cabron presents challenges to divers. Its volcanic seabed offers a unique opportunity for exploration, with caves, arches, lava tubes, swim-throughs, mysterious holes, dramatic drop-offs, deep dives, corals, and majestic arches. The diversity of this underwater terrain caters to even the most experienced divers, offering both challenges and rewards. It's not uncommon to spot rays, large pelagic tuna, angel sharks, garden eels, and even manta rays here.


However, El Cabron doesn't yield its treasures without caution. While the reserve offers multiple entry points, novice divers should heed the advice of instructors and guides. The sites can be unforgiving, and their conditions, while captivating, demand respect. We typically recommend the more challenging entrances for experienced and capable divers, as the weather, wind, and waves can pose significant challenges. Gran Canaria's shore dives can be demanding and not as straightforward as our boat dives, often requiring climbing and physical ability. Conditions at El Cabron can further elevate these challenges.


GO DIVING is prepared to guide you through your El Cabron journey, tailoring the experience to your skill level and expectations. Our experienced instructors will ensure that whether you're a novice or a seasoned diver, you'll have a memorable dive.

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