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  • Max depth: 24 meters

  • Experience level: Open water diver - Advanced

  • SightingsBarracudas,Different kind of rays, variety of small fishes, lots of octopus, seahorse, cuttlefish,

  • Shore dive


Discover the Fascinating Underwater World of Tufia, Gran Canaria


Tufia is a small town in Gran Canaria that's home to an archeological site of pre-Spanish origin and a fossilized tree site, both created by a volcanic eruption. This iconic town is also home to an impressive volcanic sand beach, and an incredible dive site that's waiting to be explored.


As you enter the crystal-clear waters of Tufia, you'll be greeted by shoals of Parrot Fish and Wrasse, feeding under the hulls of little fishing boats. Slowly dropping down past the boat anchors, you'll descend along the volcanic rock formation, which brings you to a cavern situated at 15 meters, and a reef above.


The cavern is a swim-through, full of fish and arrow crabs, providing a truly unique diving experience. There's also a deeper sandy floor below the cave at 24m, leading along another reef where larger pelagic fish and barracudas are often seen.


In the open sand of the bay, you might even spot angel sharks and seahorses on the boat lines of the shallows. The dive site offers a variety of marine life, making it a must-visit spot for all diving enthusiasts.


The bottom of the bay is covered in volcanic sand, and the sleepy town of blue and white houses makes for a stunning backdrop. The dive site is accessible to divers of all levels, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced divers.


Overall, Tufia offers a unique and unforgettable diving experience that's not to be missed during your stay in Gran Canaria. So why not book your diving adventure today and explore the underwater wonders of Tufia?

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