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  • What kind of diving certification do I need to dive in Gran Canaria?
    To Dive with us you will need to have recognised agency training proof, Like PADI open water etc. contact us and ask if you have questions.
  • Is scuba diving in Gran Canaria suitable for beginners?
    Gran Canaria is great for beginners, infact most dive centres dont have pools for training here as the water is warm and calm enough that we dont need them often. We have some very sheltered bays and beaches we like to take beginners, we can make your first dives amazing here.
  • Is it possible to dive at night with GO DIVING?
    Ofcourse, night dives are great here with sharks, octopus and rays arriving to hunt. Just send us an email and ask what night dives we have booked.
  • What are the safety measures taken during scuba diving at GO DIVING?
    We are a PADI 5 star dive centre and we take diving safety extremely seriously, all of us want to come home after a dive!. Spain actually has some of the strictest dive laws around and even has a special police force that will come and spot check and charge dive centres that brake any laws or requirements. We allways meet the requirents and laws along with providing safe and inspected equipment and medical supplies. The good news is diving here in Gran Canaria you are diving in a European country that meets the toughest diving requirements and regulations in the world.
  • What kind of equipment is included in the scuba diving package?
    You can rent all the equipment you need with us, or some of the equipment, or non of it!. If you are a sessioned diver that travels with your equipment when you dive (like many of our boat divers), great, you pay only for your gas and your dives. If you like to rent everything from suits to masks and fins, thats no problem it’s in our dive section with the price. We dont have hidden costs here at GO DIVING.
  • How long does a typical dive last?
    We normal plan our dives as per the briefing to have a turn around level and reserve, this ofcourse can change our timings depending on the group and conditions. We like to Take our dives slow and not rush, most dives will be 40mins-60mins depending, we never try to deplete gas fast to shorten dives.
  • What is the cancellation policy for scuba diving bookings?
    Normally if you need to cancel a dive its not an issue, we like the most notice we can get so please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Is transportation included in the scuba diving package?
    If you are staying in the area of Maspalomas or near by then YES!, if you are further away then please message us and we can discuss collecting you from your hotel or accommodation.
  • Can I take photos or videos while diving?
    Of course, but be aware of the environment and other divers when you do. We also Provide photos, if you would like them please speak with us.
  • What is the maximum number of divers allowed in a group dive?
    We dive with small groups, normally we like to keep groups around 5 divers per instructor, and a max of 10 divers on the dive boat. We do allow private groups to book larger numbers of divers so please contact us.
  • Is it possible to rent scuba diving equipment?
    You can rent equipment if you would like to go and dive alone, as long as you can show appropriate agency training qualifications, for instance you will need to be a Sidmount diver if you want to rent Sidemount equipment with us.
  • How long in advance should I book my scuba diving session?
    The sooner the better but we can allways try and fit late bookings in.
  • What kind of payment methods are accepted for scuba diving bookings?
    We except many types of payment, we can take car payments and cash, so if you feel you have an unusual means of payment, please contact us.
  • Is it possible to combine scuba diving with other water sports activities in?
    We have many friends that can offer other water sports and outdoor activities, if you are looking for other activists then please chat with us.
  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my scuba diving session in?
    The weather and the ocean don't always stick to the plan, even here with our great weather. If we have to make changes to your dive we will always try and move you and if we cant help you then we will refund you.
  • Do I need a medical to dive?
    You won't need a medical unless you have some specific issues with completing the PADI medical declaration, if you have any concerns then please contact us.
  • Can I bring a passenger or non diver
    YES!. On our boat or on some of our shore dives we love to take passengers. We have limited space so please message us in advance. We are the best option on the island for non divers as we have an amazing dive boat with WC, sun deck, lounge, cold refreshments, snorkeling equipment etc. For shore dives, if we are heading to a dive spot with a beach why not come along and enjoy a day at the beach while your diver has there adventure. Please message us for any cost and availability questions you may have, or see the more info section of the services you are interested in.
  • What is the water temperature?
    The water temperature will change with the sessions, being around 19-20°c from December -April and May - October the temp will raise to 25+°c. The air temperature and depth obviously has an affect on the feel of the water, If the air temp is 30°c the ocean at 5m will feel a lot more comfortable than if its 20°c and you are diving to 40m. Its allways warm here on Gran Canaria and even in the winter most people are comfortable in a wetsuit without gloves or hood, but we can of course provide these if needed, and you can even take you PADI Dry Suit course with us.
  • What is the visibility like for scuba diving in Gran Canaria?
    Visibility will change with the weather and the sessions but 30+ blue water especially in the summer is not strange. In the winter we get greener coloured tones as the plankton bloom in the winter here.
  • What is the maximum depth for scuba diving in Gran Canaria?
    Most popular dive sites will be 10-25m, however we have deeper wrecks at 35-45m and even WW2 era aircraft ofshore we can reach with your dive boat at 50+Meters.
  • What kind of marine life can I expect to see while diving in Gran Canaria?
    You can expect to see all manner of Atlantic visitors and natives, we have colourful fish and bigger tuna and barracudas and the iconic angel shark regularly at our dives spots, along with cuttle fish And octopus, trumpet fish, cave fish, nudibranchs like the impressive ”Spanish dancers”…we could go on and on. Most interestingly we get the travailing species like turtles, hammer head sharks, whales with all kinds of rays staying throught the year. You really could see some divers favourites especially diving on our dive boat at sea.
  • What are the best dive sites in Gran Canaria?
    Thats a hard question, with to many ways to answer it, but. We have some very intresting dives sites on the island, see our dive site section for more info but two of the favourites are TUFIA and El CABRON for shore dives, and the wrecks in the south and the ARONA wreck in the north. We can dive sites others cant here on Gran Canaria and we are allways happy to try somewhere unknown if people ask.
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