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Unveiling the Enigmatic Angel Sharks of Gran Canaria

GO DIVING Sharkweek Angel Shark
Sharkweek Angel Shark

Nestled within the azure waters surrounding Gran Canaria, lies a captivating and mysterious creature, and a favourite with divers. In fact many come here just for the chance to see these animals - the Angel Shark (Squatina squatina). GO DIVING center, resting as it does in this picturesque Canary Island, is well placed and delighted to introduce you to the our first Shark Week feature shark spe

cies and wonders of the Angel shark!.

The Angel Shark, often referred to as "the angel of the sea," is a unique species of shark that belongs to the family Squatinidae. Unlike most sharks, the Angel Shark possesses a flattened body with broad pectoral fins, which resemble angel wings - hence its name. This sleek adaptation allows them to effortlessly glide along the ocean floor, camouflaging themselves among sandy and rocky surfaces.

Habitat and Distribution

Gran Canaria provides an ideal environment for Angel Sharks, in fact one of if not the only place in the world they are thriving, this makes it one of their favored habitats. These majestic creatures are commonly found in temperate and subtropical waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, from Norway to the Mediterranean Sea and off the coast of West Africa. The Canary Islands, particularly Gran Canaria, offer a sanctuary for these docile creatures due to the island's diverse underwater topography.

Gran Canaria Angel Shark
Canarian Angel Shark

Nocturnal Predators

Angel Sharks are primarily nocturnal hunters, preferring to hunt at night when their prey is most active. They have a varied diet that consists of bony fish, crustaceans, and other small marine organisms. With their well-developed sensory system, including electroreceptors and lateral line organs, they can detect prey effectively in low-light conditions.

Conservation Status

As an endangered species, the Angel Shark faces various threats to its survival, including habitat destruction, accidental bycatch in fishing nets, and overfishing. The Canary Islands have recognized the importance of protecting these remarkable creatures and have implemented conservation measures to safeguard their population, with thanks to the work of groups like @theangelsharkproject.

Diving with Angel Sharks

Encountering an Angel Shark while diving in Gran Canaria is an experience like no other. Their calm and gentle nature allows divers to approach them with caution and respect, observing them from a safe distance. Our dive center takes pride in promoting responsible diving practices to ensure the well-being of the marine life and the preservation of their natural habitat.

Embrace the Magic of Angel Sharks

Join us on an unforgettable journey to explore the enigmatic world of Angel Sharks in Gran Canaria, or just stick around for the rest of shark week 2023. With us you can Dive into their mystical habitat, appreciate their unique adaptations, and contribute to their conservation. Let's celebrate the beauty of marine life and cherish the remarkable creatures that grace the waters of this mesmerizing island. Book your diving expedition today and unlock the secrets of Gran Canaria's underwater realm, where every dive is a step closer to understanding and protecting the precious marine biodiversity.


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