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IT'S SHARK WEEK!- Exploring the question are there Sharks and there presence in Gran Canaria!


Angel shark in Gran Canaria
IS IT A ROCK OR A SHARK?, this is how many divers see sharks here in G.C

Dear fellow ocean enthusiasts, and future shark lover!

Welcome to GO DIVING center's Shark Week Extravaganza!. In honor of the famous week of shark on the Discover Channel we have our own shark event. All this week we will be looking at sharks and even have a competition. Why?, because we always get asked one question, curious?, "Are there sharks in Gran Canaria?" - the answer is a resounding YES! As one of the leading dive centers offering boat dives on this beautiful island (thats diving offshore on a dedicated diving boat if you don’t know), we are here to quench your curiosity, debunk myths, and introduce you to the thrilling world of sharks that inhabit the crystalline waters surrounding Gran Canaria. Also we think we maybe see more of them than most div centers (more about that later)

Unraveling the Shark Mythos

Sharks have long been the subject of fascination and fear, thanks to popular media portraying them as ruthless predators lurking in every corner of the ocean. However, the truth about these magnificent creatures is far more awe-inspiring than the Hollywood myths would have you believe.

At our dive center, we believe in responsible and sustainable marine tourism. Through education and awareness, we aim to replace fear with admiration for these ancient guardians of the seas. Our Shark Week is a testament to our dedication in showcasing the beauty of sharks and their crucial role in maintaining the marine ecosystem.

Sharks of Gran Canaria

Now, let's address the main question - "Are there sharks in Gran Canaria?" Absolutely! The waters surrounding Gran Canaria are home to an incredible diversity of marine life, including various shark species. The Atlantic Ocean, which bathes the shores of this stunning island, provides the perfect habitat for these marine marvels.

The most common shark species spotted in Gran Canaria are:

1. Angel Sharks (Squatina squatina):** These gentle bottom-dwellers are often mistaken for rays due to their flattened bodies. They are critically endangered, making Gran Canaria one of the few places where divers have the privilege to encounter them.

2. Shortfin Mako Sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus):** Known for their impressive speed and agility, the shortfin mako is a remarkable sight to behold. Although sightings are less frequent, the chance to encounter this apex predator adds to the thrill of diving in Gran Canaria.

3. Blue Sharks (Prionace glauca):** With their striking blue coloration, these sharks are a favorite among underwater photographers. Gran Canaria's deep waters offer an ideal habitat for these majestic creatures, and spotting them is a highlight for divers.

4. Smooth Hammerhead Sharks (Sphyrna zygaena):** The smooth hammerheads are known for their distinctive hammer-shaped heads, allowing them to have an enhanced field of vision. Witnessing a school of these sharks gliding gracefully through the blue is an experience like no other.

Diving with Sharks - A Thrilling Adventure

Our Shark Week event presents a unique opportunity for divers to explore the underwater realm and witness these graceful predators in their natural habitat. Our highly experienced dive instructors prioritize safety and sustainability, ensuring that both you and the marine life have a positive experience.

During our Shark Week competition, you'll have the chance to participate in thrilling shark dives, guided by our guides who will share their knowledge and insights about these fascinating creatures. As you dive with us you will have the chance to maybe dive alongside these majestic beings, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for their importance in maintaining the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. Our dive boat offers the best chance on the island to dive with them as we can set to spots others cant of the cost, or even see them from the surface with Atlantis’s high sun deck. We also see angel sharks on many of our shore dives.

Sharks gran canaria picture
SHARK WEEK COMPETITION, so what is it in the picture. Head to instagram and find out if you do not know.

Conservation and Responsible Tourism

At GO DIVING, we are staunch advocates for marine conservation and responsible tourism. We work with local organizations and authorities like @theangelsharkproject to protect the sharks and their habitats, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at these magnificent creatures.

Through our Shark Week event, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine biodiversity, the threats facing sharks, and the steps we can all take to protect our oceans. By promoting sustainable practices and education, we aim to create a community of passionate ocean advocates who actively contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Join the Shark Week Extravaganza!

So, are there sharks in Gran Canaria? The answer is undoubtedly YES, and our Shark Week Extravaganza provides an unforgettable opportunity to witness these awe-inspiring creatures up close and personal from the comfort of your computer screen…. Or, enter our compotition and come see them up close!. As you immerse yourself in the world of sharks, you'll discover that these majestic predators are not to be feared, but to be admired and protected.

Join us for a real adventure, diving into the depths of the Atlantic, just of the coast of Africa to encounter these living wonders. Embrace the beauty of Gran Canaria's marine life, and let the magic of the ocean touch your soul.

Book your spot with us or enter our Shark Week competition during the week starting the 24th July and embark on an adventure that will forever change your perspective on sharks and the ocean!

Dive deep, dive responsibly, and dive with sharks!

Scott FInch


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*Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our observations, reseaerch and general knowadge. The presence and behavior of marine animals can vary, and while we strive to ensure accuracy, we recommend verifying the latest information from our dive center's experts before planning your trip.*

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