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1-2 Day course

  • 6 hours
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

“Explore the underwater world with a new perspective and comfort by learning how to dive with a full face mask!” The PADI Full Face Mask Specialty Course and discover the advantages of having a 180-degree view, natural breathing, and integrated communication in one piece of equipment. Diving with a full face mask provides a unique and enjoyable diving experience, as you can see and breathe underwater like never before. You can communicate with your dive buddy or instructor easily and clearly, without the need for hand signals or separate communication devices. You can also protect your face and head from cold water, currents, and marine life, without sacrificing mobility or vision. During the PADI Full Face Mask Specialty Course, you will learn how to select, fit, and use a full face mask effectively and safely. You will learn about the different types of full face masks, their features, and their advantages and disadvantages. You will also learn how to maintain and care for your full face mask, and how to react to common problems and emergencies. The course includes a knowledge development section that you can complete online at your own pace before meeting with your instructor for two open water dives. If you're lucky enough to learn in Gran Canaria, you can experience the unique and diverse underwater world of the island while mastering the skills of full face mask diving. You will practice buoyancy control, mask clearing, communication, and emergency procedures under the guidance of experienced and certified instructors. Once you complete the course, you can take your new skills and confidence to any dive site and enjoy the benefits of full face mask diving. The PADI Full Face Mask Specialty Course is a valuable course for any diver who wants to enhance their diving experiences and interactions. It is also a prerequisite for other PADI courses, such as the PADI Public Safety Diver and the PADI Tec 40 CCR certifications. Don't miss the opportunity to dive like a superhero and communicate like a pro with a full face mask. Sign up for the PADI Full Face Mask Specialty Course today and explore a new dimension of diving! Select a date you would like to start and we will contact you to discuss the course and dates. Details: Minimum age: 12 yrs Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver ( Duration: 2 days You have the option to study by reading the manual or signing up for the online theory.


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