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1-2 Day course

  • 6 hours
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

“Dive safer, longer and with more energy!” Sign up for the PADI Nitrox Diving Specialty Course and learn how to use enriched air nitrox to extend your no-decompression limits and reduce your surface intervals. Nitrox diving is not just for deep dives or technical diving. Any diver can benefit from diving with nitrox. Enriched air nitrox contains a higher percentage of oxygen than the normal air we breathe, which allows divers to stay longer underwater without getting decompression sickness. Plus, diving with nitrox can help you recover faster between dives and feel less tired after a day of diving. During the PADI Nitrox Diving Specialty Course, you will learn how to plan and analyze nitrox diving using special tables and dive computers. You will also learn about the benefits and potential hazards of using nitrox, how to manage oxygen exposure and how to properly label and mark nitrox tanks. The course includes a knowledge development section that you can complete online at your own pace before meeting with your instructor for two open water dives. During these dives, you will put your new knowledge into practice, learn how to handle nitrox tanks and analyze the gas mixtures. The PADI Nitrox Diving Specialty Course is a popular choice among divers who want to increase their bottom time, enjoy longer dives and improve their safety margins. It is also a great course to take before a liveaboard trip or a series of repetitive dives. Select a date you would like to start and we will contact you to discuss the course and dates. Details: Minimum age: 12 yrs Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification) Duration: 1-2 days You have the option to study by reading the manual or signing up for the online theory.


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