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1-2 Day course

  • 6 hours
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

“CORNER STONE OF OTHER PADI COURSES” Be a responsible and prepared diver by mastering the skills of deploying and using a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB). Enroll in the PADI DSMB Specialty Course and learn how to use this valuable piece of equipment to signal your location to surface support and boats, especially when conducting safety stops and ascending from drift dives. A DSMB is a vital tool for any diver who wants to stay safe and be visible in the water. It consists of a buoyant tube with an attached line and a reel or spool, which can be inflated at depth and released at the surface to mark your position. It can also be used to communicate with your dive buddy, signal for assistance, or indicate the presence of hazards or interesting sights. During the PADI DSMB Specialty Course, you will learn how to select, set up, and deploy a DSMB effectively and safely. You will learn about the different types of DSMBs, their features, and their advantages and disadvantages. You will also learn how to handle the line and reel or spool, how to control the buoyancy and movement of the DSMB, and how to coordinate with your dive buddy or team. The course includes a knowledge development section that you can complete online at your own pace before meeting with your instructor for two open water dives. During these dives, you will practice your DSMB skills in different scenarios, such as drift diving, wreck diving, and deep diving. You will also learn how to use your DSMB as a navigation aid and a communication tool. The PADI DSMB Specialty Course is an essential course for any diver who wants to improve their safety, their visibility, and their communication underwater. It is also a prerequisite for other PADI courses, such as the PADI Rescue Diver and the PADI Divemaster certifications. Don't miss the opportunity to become a more responsible and skilled diver by mastering the art of DSMB deployment and usage. Sign up for the PADI DSMB Specialty Course today and enhance your diving experience and safety. Select a date you would like to start and we will contact you to discuss the course and dates. Details: Minimum age: 12 yrs Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver. Duration: 1-2 days You have the option to study by reading the manual or signing up for the online theory.


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