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Underwtaer Cinematographer Tommy Vuylsteke
Tommy and Gianni

Greetings, everyone! Gianni here. We recently had the pleasure of hosting the renowned underwater videographer, and our friend Tommy Vuylsteke, who is widely recognised as an international maestro in underwater cinematography. We felt that now is an opportune moment to introduce him here and delve into a glimpse of his remarkable portfolio.

Tommy joined us onboard our dive boat Atlantis for some dives on Pasito Blanco reef before embarking on his upcoming underwater filming endeavors in Asia. He was genuinely captivated by the favorable conditions we have here in Gran Canaria and relished the diving experiences he shared with our team on board our boat. During his stay on board, we had the chance to chat with him and learn more about his journey and though we would share a little here with you all.

Let me introduce myself, I am TOMMY VUYLSTEKE

Thanks for having me onboard Atlantis GO DIVING, Let me introduce myself to everyone– I am TOMMY VUYLSTEKE, an underwater Director of Photography hailing from Belgium. My expertise lies in crafting visuals for commercials and documentaries, and I hold the position of Director of Photography at Blue Motion Pictures. My specialization revolves around the captivating realm of underwater filming, an art I perfect in collaboration with the innovative Cinediving team. I am deeply ingrained in the international series and movie industry as an underwater camera operator.

Tommy Vuylsteke underwater
Tommy Vuylsteke underwater videographer.

Over the course of two decades, my career has undergone a remarkable transformation – from a globe-trotting cameraman to an impassioned Director of Photography focused on the aquatic domain. I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous esteemed directors and production companies, all facilitated by an exceptional team of specialists, each exemplifying perfectionism in their respective fields. With more than 20 years of diving experience, my love for the water remains as profound as ever.

Over 20 years of diving experience, my love for the water remains as profound as ever.

I am proudly affiliated with Cinediving and Sigma Cine Pro, prestigious entities in the realm of underwater and cinematic excellence. For any inquiries or correspondence, please don't hesitate to reach out via email:

Feel free to explore a selection of my noteworthy work, including contributions to Netflix productions such as "Luther," "Under Fire," and "Swarm," as well as cinematic creations like "Kursk," "Noise," "Le Cirque," "The Command," and "Galloping Mind." Furthermore, my involvement in documentaries is exemplified by titles such as "Onze Natuur" and "Sharkwise." and more!.

Tommy Vuylsteke In pool filming
Tommy Vuylsteke on a project camera in hand

Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with my journey and body of work.

We had a great time diving with Tommy and love diving with our friends in the industry, we will have more stories from more of our commercial diving and research diving friends soon. We look forward to seeing more of his work and having him on board again soon.


GO DIVING CENTER co owner and instructor

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