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Morey ee Popcorn beach
Popcorn in hand after dive


  • Max depth: 15 meters

  • Experience level: Open water diver 

  • Sightings: Tuna, Shoals of Roncadores, Barracuda, Stingrays, Trumpetfish, Morays, and POPCORN!

  • Boat Dive 


Unveiling POPCORN beach our hidden underwater oddity 


Popcorn Beach, our new well-kept secret in Gran Canaria!. This sight offers a captivating experience waiting to be discovered. Situated at a comfortable 15-meter depth, it's a perfect choice for new dives or all skill levels. Accessible via our dive boat.


 We recently stumbled upon this extraordinary location, which boasts a wall and bright white sand. If you dive this site you'll encounter a thriving underwater world, featuring small fish, lots and lots of Morey eels, crabs, octopus, and other Gran Canaria marine regulars.


There is more – it's also a perfect spot to catch a glimpse of elusive tuna, especially bonito! What makes Popcorn Beach truly unique, though, is its hidden treasure – sandy deposits of rock like algae called “Rhodoliths”, broken into pieces like POPCORN!, creating a strange and unique sight. We're excited to share the magic of Popcorn Beach with you. Dive into this hidden gem and embark on a remarkable underwater journey…with Popcorn.

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