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Map of Artifical reef
Turtle at Artifical reef


  • Max depth: 22 meters

  • Experience level: Advanced open water diver 

  • Sightings: Shoals of Roncadores, Stingray,

  • Trumpetfish, Morays, Eagle rays,Bream, Angel Shark, Turtles, Hammer Head Sharks

  • Boat dive


Discovering Gran Canaria's Artificial Reef: A Haven for Endangered Species and Marine Life


The artificial reef in Gran Canaria is a project by the Department of Marine Biology of the University of Las Palmas. It serves as a sanctuary for various endangered species of marine life affected by intensive fishing. The project aimed to study which shapes of concrete blocks attracted specific kinds of fish, resulting in a vibrant and diverse ecosystem at a depth of 20-22 meters. The project was completed in 1994 and has since become a popular dive site for tourists and locals alike.


The reef features different structures built throughout the year, each unique in size and distance between the blocks. This creates a fascinating and varied landscape for divers to explore. The sandy bottom of the reef is home to many species, but it is known in particular for the frequent sightings of the majestic green sea turtle.


These beautiful creatures are a highlight of any dive at the artificial reef. The warm waters and abundant food sources make this area a popular spot for the turtles to feed and rest. Lucky divers may even get the opportunity to swim alongside them, observing their graceful movements in their natural habitat.


In addition to the green turtles, the artificial reef is also home to a large shoal of roncadores, moray eels, octopus, and various species of rays. The combination of natural and man-made structures provides an ideal environment for these animals to thrive.


Overall, Gran Canaria's artificial reef is a must-visit location for any diving enthusiast. It not only offers a unique and fascinating ecosystem, but also provides an opportunity to witness the beauty of endangered species in their natural habitat.

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