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Adventure and training dives: Feel like you are really taking a step into the wild

Welcome to GO DIVING’s “Expedition diving”. This is where we offer our more unusual and special diving opportunities that fall outside of our usual guided dives, and where we offer training events with experts in fields such as marine biology or photography.

“Did you know that there's fabled Spanish treasure lost of the shore of Gran Canaria? ”

Our goal with EXPEDITION dives is to provide divers with the chance to explore more unusual and challenging sites beyond the well-known Gran Canaria diving spots that are visited daily. We also offer the opportunity to join science projects on the island and experience what a dive expedition feels like through our EXPEDITION events. These events are all about getting divers involved in real underwater work and science, from surveying seagrass beds with biologists to learning dive photography with a National Geographic expedition diver. Through these experiences, you can gain new skills and feel the adventure of an expedition.

These Expeditions are great for diving holidays for Diving clubs, we can even provide accommodation for groups during the diving.


Over the years, we've had more adventurous customers asking if we can take them to the more remote areas of Gran Canaria or to be part of marine science work. “Did you know that there's fabled Spanish treasure lost at sea, or that we have seagrass beds on the island that need protecting?” These dives are often challenging and require multiple days, an experienced diver, as well as careful planning and extra training to ensure safety. We aim to advertise these larger expeditions when we have enough interested divers, so please contact us to express your interest.


If you're interested in joining real adventures and expeditions, from seldom-seen deeper wrecks to seagrass and species studies with real marine scientists, join us for an unforgettable experience that will take your love of diving to new depths.


Go Diving Wreck Diving Gran Canaria


Join us for an EXPEDITION and dives at sites less seen, uncharted full adventures that need planing and logistics, be part of a real EXPEDITION. click this link and find out more .


Under Water Photography Courses Go Diving Gran Canaria


Join us for EXPEDITION TRAINING and train with profetionals on goal based projects like learning skills to survey sea grass and marine species with real biologists, or take a photography course with a National Geographic diver. Click here to find out more.


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