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“THE WAY WE ALL START” The internationally recognised PADI Open Water Course enables you to dive almost anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 meters. Throughout the course, you'll learn the fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive theory, dive equipment, and techniques. You can earn this rating by completing confined water dives and knowledge development sessions, as well as by making four open water dives. This approach ensures that you'll have fun, become comfortable in the underwater world, and dive safely. FREE EXTRA FUN DIVE: On your last day of the course we will make an extra fun dive! FREE BOAT DIVES : We all ways try to make our last day of the course a boat dive for no extra cost COURSE LEARNING MATERIALS: The listed pricer includes course material fees COURSE DETAILS: Learning material: Included with course. Minimum age: 10 years old Junior 14 years adult. Duration: 3-4 days (4th day is optional). Dives: 5 Dives. Equipment: All equipment included. You have the option to study by reading the manual or signing up for the online theory. Select a date you would like to start and we will contact you to discuss the course and dates. TO YOUNG TO TAKE THE FULL OPEN WATER COURSE? The Junior Open Water Course is also available for children aged 10-14 years, and it follows the same program as the adult course. However, junior divers must dive with a certified adult until the age of 15. For 10-11 year-olds, they must be accompanied by a parent or dive professional, and their maximum depth is limited to 12 meters. Our hotel collections typically start around 9:15 am, but this may vary slightly depending on your location. From there, we will drive to the diving site and begin our diving excursions. After completing the dives, we will return to the starting point and transport you back to your hotel around 14:30pm. Please note that the return time may vary depending on the location.


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