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Dive Master Training Gran Canaria 


Have you ever thought about becoming a Dive Master ?, or a DM as the industry calls them. Read a little more here to get the perspective of Niki one of the dive worlds newest and best Dm’s.

Hello there everyone I'm Scott from Go Diving, and we're going to have a chat about Dive Masters – what they do and how one becomes a Dive Master. We get asked a lot about Dive Master Training Gran Canaria and the details, it's not inaccurate to say that Dive Masters are the lifeblood of the dive industry. It serves as the initial step towards becoming a revered Dive Instructor, but for many, it marks the pinnacle of their diving journey. Being an excellent Dive Master often becomes the ultimate goal for young divers, and many choose to stay in this role without venturing further up the career ladder.

When asked I often think its similar to the junior ranks in the military (if you close your eyes you can imagine it), Dive Master is frequently regarded as the toughest job in the industry. As a Dive Master, you'll find yourself responsible for everything!, often working harder than captains, managers, and instructors under whom you operate. But its a job roll without equal and Today, we're fortunate to have Niki with us, and she'll share her experience and journey in completing her Dive Master course with us. But before we dive into Niki's story, let's clarify the process of how someone becomes a Dive Master and even what one is..

Dive M<aster Niki having a beer in the sun
Dive master training Gran Canaria

WHAT DOES A DM REALLY DO ?, Well everything, from guiding groups to supervising divers, selling in centers, providing logistics like vehicle and boat driving, equipment care and management (moving cylinders), dealing with clients needs etc etc. every center is different and often hours are long and 6 days a week is normal. What cant you do then…well teach. As a DM you are not qualified to teach most courses or skills, there are exceptions and things you can do but as a rule, the instruction is the domain of the instructors only and they have final say and power over the dives. This is not

Always the case but its a good rule to remember.

SO THAT ALL SOUNDS GREAT AND YOU WANT TO BE A DM – fantastic! However, before you dive into the depths of this career path and leave your job for the south pacific there are some crucial considerations. Namely, the choice between undertaking an apprenticeship or paying for the course. This decision is pivotal for aspiring junior dive professionals, especially those with limited diving experience or none at all.

Let's explore both options.

Option 1 - The Apprenticeship:

You've likely seen these opportunities on Facebook and Instagram, although some platforms have banned their advertisement due to various issues. This is an excellent choice for individuals seeking real-world experience without shelling out significant funds for an expensive course. However, the industry can be challenging and, at times, even harsh to internship divers, with instances of abuse not being uncommon.

Interns often work tirelessly without guaranteed results, and many Dive Masters have stories to share, as exemplified by Niki. While internships can be a fantastic way to learn without paying, it's essential to find a reputable center with suitable accommodation and a positive attitude. If you already live near a suitable center or find one meeting these criteria, internships can be a valuable learning experience, although it may come at the expense of working long hours, potentially seven days a week, for months.

Research is key, and it's crucial to be realistic about the expectations, as you might find yourself engaged in retail selling, especially in larger centers where staff will not be paid to handle such tasks.

Option 2 - The Paid Course:

This option is ideal for those who wish to become Dive Masters quickly, prefer control over their learning experience, and have the financial means to invest. However, selecting the right center is still critical, as not all dive centers offer the same quality of training. For instance, pursuing your Dive Master course in Malaysia might not align with your goals if you plan to work in a dry suit in Germany.

While you avoid potential exploitation in this option, you must recognize the trade-off. Going home on weekends and evenings means missing out on essential skills you'll need to master to be employable, such as cylinder fills, logistics, and other practical aspects. Keep in mind that a Dive Master is often the hardest-working individual in a dive center, and if that doesn't align with your expectations, you might want to consider a smaller center or reconsider your ocean explorer career dream.

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER - Do not assume that having an internship means you will have a job after you finish. Many dive centers operate DM internship for profit only and will not want you when you finish. Take care to remember that when you are speaking to a center. A center will often tell you what you want to hear and that wont always represent what you will get. Remember that and do not expect to much.

Why Dive Master Training Gran Canaria: Well we are just a short trip from Northern Europe here in Gran Canaria and the weather here is great year round, that means training all year is amazing. We have modern European standards here and some of the best diving in Europe so why not. The Canary Islands makes a great option for Dive Master training and is often more affordable than a trip to the East.

So lets tern the article over to Niki so she can tell us a little more about becoming a DM.


Thanks scott, so what sparked my journey into becoming a Dive Master? Well, after leaving my Event Management job at the start of 2023, I embarked on a year-long backpacking adventure across South East Asia. During my travels, I decided to give scuba diving a try and completed my PADI Open Water course on the beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand.

Little did I know that this decision would lead me to an incredible path! I had the privilege of being guided by two amazing instructors, one of whom was a young and adventurous female traveler living the life I had always dreamt of – working in the ocean, connecting with people worldwide, and embracing the ocean lifestyle. Being an ocean enthusiast myself, with a love for surfing, water sports, and basking in the sun, the idea of turning my passion into my "new office" seemed like a fantastic opportunity. It allowed me to explore the world while doing what I love and getting paid for it – a dream come true! (:

How did I end up with you guys at Go Diving? After returning home to Germany, I spent a few weeks figuring out where to pursue my Dive Master training. I stumbled upon a 5-week program on the enchanting Canary Islands (Gran Canaria), a place on my bucket list. Despite initially signing up with another Dive Centre, plans took an unexpected turn. Disappointed with the first program, I found myself without a Dive Master course and accommodation during high season.

Amidst the chaos, Mr. Gianni himself reached out to me, offering a warm welcome and presenting various options. I decided to give it a shot, starting with the Rescue Course. If all went well, we could discuss continuing with the Dive Master course. Spoiler alert: It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Why did I stay with Go Diving? During my rescue course, I got to know the three amazing individuals behind Go Diving – Gianni, Scott, and Ramses, the captain. Their business model aligned perfectly with what I sought in a PADI Dive Centre: professional instructors, flexibility, a friendly atmosphere, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

What did I enjoy most from the course? Being with them was a joy in itself, and I had the opportunity to expand my skills both in and out of the water. The camaraderie felt like being part of an ocean family. With Gianni and Scott's extensive diving experience and Ramses' impeccable boat-handling skills, every moment was safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Going out with Go Diving was an absolute bliss! (:

What were the challenges? I must admit that the e-learning presented a challenge due to English not being my native language. The physics and biological content required extra translation work, but hard work paid off! Additionally, battling seasickness during the initial days on the boat was a tough hurdle. Despite occasional setbacks, the camaraderie and support on the boat made it worthwhile.

Why should others consider Dive Master training? Whether you want to change your lifestyle or enhance your diving skills, Dive Master training offers a transformative experience. The course provides not just knowledge but an incredible journey, adrenaline, and a profound connection with the water.

Why would I recommend GO DIVING ? There are numerous reasons to choose Go Diving, here are a few.

➔ Your Dive Master training will be remembered as the time of your life.

➔ You'll have a blend of laughter and professional training, opening doors in the world of diving.

➔ The team genuinely cares about you, ensuring your comfort and well-being on every dive.

➔ Go Diving boasts the only proper Dive Boat on the island – a floating Dive Centre with all the amenities you need.

➔ German perspective: Soft drinks and beers are ready for you on the boat ride back – a definite yes from me! (:

Any final notes? Love my Gianni Bunny & Scotty Scooter Boy and can't wait to be back as part of the crew.

SO FUTURE DIVE MASTER WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT, if this article inspired you to take your ocean dream further your next step is to find a center to talk to about your future needs and desires. Remember get advise and do not rush. And allways ALLWAYS dive safe everyone.

Well there you go guys, if you fancy learning more or becoming the dives worlds newest DM then send us an email or give us a call.

Thanks to Niki for her time and good luck out there in the ocean, and if you were wondering, Niki now works for us ;) so if you come and see us you will meet Nikli.

I have been scott from GO DIVING, thanks for joining us today for our Dive Master chat.



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