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WELCOME TO GO DIVING Gran Canaria, we are the most comfortable and enjoyable way to explore the amazing underwater world of Gran Canaria.




 We are the proud owners and operators of the Dive boat ATLANTIS, a 15m rigid hulled “Striker” vessel that is the only boat of its kind in Gran Canaria. Unlike most diving boats on the Island that are medium-sized inflatables (RIBs), our boat offers complete protection from the elements and has comfortable facilities such as: toilets, seating, deck space, and sun decks. You can even bring your non divers aboard for the day. This is especially important during the hot summers when temperatures can reach 30+ degrees. 


At GO DIVING Gran Canaria, we prioritise slow, relaxed and comfortable diving in small groups. Whether you choose to explore the ocean with us on our boat ATLANTIS or through our shore dives, we guarantee a personalised and professional diving experience. As a small company, we take our time to ensure that you have the best experience possible, whether it's during your courses, diving, or hotel pickups. Our philosophy  improves our customer's diving and training as we believe in making every dive a professional, relaxed and learning opportunity. 


We offer a wide range of courses and speciality dives, including: Drysuit diving, Full face mask, Sidemount, Nitrox, Wreck, Deep and Search and recovery, to name a few. Our location on Gran Canaria is perfect for training and developing your skills in a clean, safe and modern environment, with constant sunshine and warm seas. We believe that we and Gran Canaria are well-located to provide a great training resource to divers all over Europe and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned diver looking to develop new skills or a beginner looking for an enjoyable and relaxed diving experience, GO DIVING Gran Canaria is the perfect choice for you.


GO DIVING Gran Canaria is owned and operated by its chief instructors.

We aren’t a large or faceless company, we have a vested interest in the quality of our product.



Instructor and owner 

Gianni, studied fiscal studies and has traveled extensively around the world, working in several countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand, France, and Spain. He even competed in the popular TV show Survivor, finishing secound, before moving to Gran Canaria in 2007. With years of diving experience under his belt, Gianni has been working in the diving industry on the island for the past decade. He is known for his relaxed and fun teaching style, making learning an enjoyable experience for his students.


Favourite Phrase - “Scotty Boi”

Favourite animal - Bull Ray





Instructor and owner 

Scott's journey into the diving industry began when he learned to dive at 17 in the UK. After attending university and time in the military, he worked in the entertainment industry before transitioning to become a commercial diver. Eventually, he became a PADI instructor, and after working with GO DIVING, he became its co-owner alongside Gianni. Scott has a deep passion for dry suit and rebreather diving, and he also teaches courses that focus on underwater working skills. He takes training seriously, but he also likes to keep a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during his


Favourite Phrase -  “all good training”

Favourite animal - Hammer Head Shark




Ramses passion is working at sea, he has been a captain for 20 years, His other great passion is being a father to his two princesses. Ramses ensures that the divers get to the dive sites and return safely out of the water, using his extensive experience and knowledge of the ocean.

Ramses takes this responsibility very seriously, drawing on his years of experience and knowledge of the ocean to navigate the waters with confidence and skill. Whether he is guiding a group of seasoned divers or introducing newcomers to the wonders of the underwater world.

Favourite Phrase - ”Hombre”

Favourite animal - Butterfly Ray  

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